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Project Description
This is a editor/viewer for creating customized greetings in Silverlight. You can use magnetic poetry, images and text to create your greeting and then save it to a server and send it to your friends.
This Silverlight project includes a custom control (the greeting control), WCF service, captcha challenge, custom controls with replaceable GUI, multi-template ListBox, move, rotate and scale controls etc.

Current targeted Silverlight version is Silverlight 2 (or Silverlight 3) and the database is SQL Server Express 2008.
Download Silverlight here:
Download SQL Server Express 2008 here:

1. In GreetingWCFService/Web.config:
Set the path to your letters (replace ...): <add key="letterPath" value="C:\...\GreetingCreatorSample\GreetingWCFService\letters\" />
Set the mail server host: <add key="smtpServer" value="" />

2. Set your server name in GreetingCreator template:
In GreetingCreatorSample/Page.xaml property EmailMessageTemplate and SucceededMessageTemplate
or GreetingCreator/generic.xaml property EmailMessageTemplate and SucceededMessageTemplate

(3. If you are going to host this on a server, you also need to edit ServiceReferencees.ClientConfig in GreetingCreatorSample and set the right path to the web service)

Sample of a fall theme

In this project you can customize the look of the application by edit the templates in e.g. Expression Blend. You can also set the images that can be added to the greeting and also the words used by the magnetic poetry.

Go to the Releases tab for code download and installation instructions.

Greeting Creator was developed by Dotway. For more information about Dotway, visit

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